Three Reasons Why Charitable Giving Makes Your Employees Happier

Posted by Admin | July 2nd, 2014

Giving to charity is about giving back to the community. However, a smart business should understand that it is much more than that. No matter what the charity works to accomplish, sometimes the most dramatic impact happens within the donor businesses themselves.

1. Better morale. Work translates to responsibilities, and responsibilities are inherently stressful. However, when a company is active in the community, employees will have a sense that they are working for more than a paycheck. They will be able to see the company as more than a moneymaking machine. This will help change the overall workplace environment for the better.

2. Improved productivity. Happy workers are productive. If employees feel good about the company they are working for, they are more likely to give their best effort on the job. So when companies are involved in charitable work, employees will have more reasons to come to work. They will be more willing to give up their time for a company that gives as good as it gets.

3. Broader horizons. For many employees, the workday can become routine. This redundancy can reduce creative energy. With charity work, however, these same employees can shift their focus. More than that, it reminds workers that they are part of a bigger picture, not just at the company but also in the world at large. These broader horizons can reinvigorate creative thought, pushing employees to new possibilities on the job.

Charity can fill a lot of needs, starting with those of your employees.