Amir Landsman looks forward to exceeding the firm’s 33 percent year-over-year growth goal

Posted by Admin | July 10th, 2013

As H Capital reaches more small-business owners than ever, Amir Landsman looks forward to exceeding the firm’s 33 percent year-over-year growth goal.

From Charitable Giving to Small Business Support, Amir Landsman Makes It Personal

Posted by Admin | July 3rd, 2013

Amir Landsman doesn’t have to look very far to find motivation. He has a beautiful family that has expanded to include his new wife, a prosperous business that helps thousands of small business owners secure working-capital infusions and a robust social life that takes him from one end of the New York metropolitan area to the other.

A common theme runs through Landsman’s private and professional endeavors: his overriding belief in old-fashioned personal connections. Landsman doesn’t simply leverage his personal relationships for professional gain. Rather, he cares deeply about his wide circle of friends and acquaintances as well as the grateful small-business owners for whom H Capital provides much-needed merchant cash-advance services. He makes it his mission to give these relationships the attention and respect they deserve.

This commitment manifests itself in many ways. Amir Landsman is aware that many prosperous private citizens simply write checks to their favored charities and move on to other things. This isn’t his preferred approach. Landsman’s deep involvement in charities like SHARE Africa and the Blacksmith Institute’s Benefit for India requires him to attend formal functions and provide sorely needed logistical support. The connections that he enjoys as a result of his charitable work are some of the deepest and most rewarding that he has ever made.

When he founded H Capital, Amir Landsman resolved to re-center the merchant cash-advance industry around a warmer, more personal business model. H Capital works directly with its clients to schedule advances and repayments. Meanwhile, its dedicated account representatives stay on call around the clock. In the years to come, Landsman looks forward to providing a real alternative to his competitors’ impersonal business models.

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