Four Things to Consider When Picking a Charity for Your Business

Posted by Admin | July 16th, 2014

It makes good business sense to support charitable causes. However, picking the right charity should take some work. While making the decision, consider the four following factors.

1. Funds available. It is important to assess how much money is available for charitable giving. Many companies include charitable donations in their yearly budget. When allocating funds, consider the potential return on the investment. It may help to consider charitable giving alongside other marketing funds.

2. Employee interest. It can be helpful to know what causes employees are more interested in. In some cases, the charity may be one that helps certain groups or families within the business. The more invested employees are in the cause, the more likely they are to work harder in the name of the charity.

3. Company focus. Sometimes it is possible to pick a charity that aligns with the overall company focus. For example, a company that makes pet supplies may want to support a pet charity. A publishing company may be involved with a literacy charity. These affiliations can be stronger thanks to shared ideals.

4. Charity history. Before making any decision regarding a charity, research its history first. When money is involved, it is important to know the charity’s work and focus, ensuring that it is a legitimate organization. For this reason, well-known and established charities are often seen as preferable.

By considering these factors carefully, it can be easier to make the best decision for any business regarding which charity to support.